Business Signs

Our Business Signs are made from Vinyl applied to 3mm Aluminium Composite, and we are able to provide these quality signs in all sizes.

If your sign is larger than the 1220mm x 2440mm, it will have to be made in separate pieces, so we would make the joins somewhere appropriate, where the joins will not be largely visible.

Any sign that is going to be outside for any length of time should be laminated, otherwise the ink will scratch and will fade quickly. Inks will also be badly damaged by any detergents used when washing the signs, so we strongly recommend laminate.

We are able to courier smaller signs to you in South East Queensland, however larger signs will need to be collected, and please measure your vehicle to ensure that you will be able to load the sign.

Aluminium is a great product to use as a substrate for signage, as it is light but very strong. It is easy to handle on installation, and easy to drill through. We are able to use other substrates, but this will have to be quoted on.

Remember that with larger business signs, it is imperative that we get hi-resolution images, otherwise the images will pixelate, and will be blurry, which will not look great.

For any other information on Vinyl signs, don’t hesitate to contact us.