• A3-Folded

    A3 Flyers

    Size = 420mm x 297mm

    Double the size of an A4 flyer, A3 flyers make great posters, and are very cost effective. These can be printed on both sides, and if you fold them in half, you get a great small brochure.

    Ask us about how to get these designed for you quickly and easily.


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  • A4-Flyers

    A4 Flyers

    297mm x 210mm, are our most common form of flyers. These can be folded in 3 to DL, or in half to 4. Print these in full colour on one or both sides, and get them made in the stock that most suites your application, which could range from 80 bond to 350 gsm board.

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  • Print Brochures

    A5 flyers

    Size = 210mm x 148mm

    A5 flyers are easy to hand out and can contain a large amount of information. Most commonly made on 150gsm gloss, however any stock that you would like can be used.

    If you need some help with your project, be sure to give us a call on 1300 761 400, we are always glad to help.

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  • A6-Postcard

    A6 Postcards

    Half the size of A5, so ¼ the size of A4, these are the most common size for postcards. If you are ordering postcards, they should be done in thick matte stock, or could be done in Cast Stock. Give us a call to find out what stock would be best for your project.

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  • DL-Flyers

    DL Flyers

    Size = 210mm x 99mm

    These are the second most common size of collateral that we print. These are “envelope” sized, and can be done in almost any stock. These can also be laminated to give them that extra pizzaz. We will always recommend to our clients that you use both sides of the DL, even in black and white, as this will add very little onto the cost of the project, but will add an additional message to give to your clients.

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  • Envelopes


    Printed envelopes are a great way to show the strength of your brand.

    Available in plain and window faced, and all standard sizes. Print your envelopes in full colour to add that professional touch.

    Variable data for addresses also available on envelopes, just ask us.

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  • letterhead


    Letterheads seem to have lost their glamour, however this piece of collateral should not be overlooked. Letterheads are still a great way to send out your communications, and combined with your logo, printed on good quality stock, you will create a great image of your company.

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  • NCR-Books

    NCR Books

    NCR Books are perfect for businesses requiring instant duplicate, triplicate or even quadruplicate copies of documents. Commonly used for purchase orders, sales orders and quotes, a full colour copy can be given to the customer, and the Black & White copies files by the business.

    We make our books with hard covers, and on quantities under 50, we will add your logo to the front cover. The back cover is 450gsm croc board. We include a separator sheet as well. We can also perforate any number of pages and leave pages in the NCR book for you if require.

    We can number your books for you, let us know what number to start for, and can print t’s and c’s on the back of any pages.

    We can do these as pads as well as books. Pads are cheaper than books, but have no perforations.

    Available in a large array of configurations, call us on 1300 761 400 if you have any questions, or click for more information and an instant quote.

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  • presentation-folders

    Presentation folders

    Presentation folders are a really professional way of presenting your clients with documentation. We can make these in A4 and A5 size. These can be colour on the outside and the inside, celloglased, spot UV finish, single gusset (no spine), double gusset (Spine, which can be 3mm, 6mm or 10mm.)

    Our standard presentation folders are made using 350gsm stock, which does the job very well. You can always upgrate this to 420gsm stock for that extra sturdy look.

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  • with-compliments

    With Compliment Slips

    If you really want a client or customer to pay attention, send them a with compliments slip.

    A with compliments slip is simply a piece of paper which is designed in your brand theme and contains the same contact information as your letterhead or business card. The piece of paper contains the words ‘with compliments’ which is followed by your hand written note, and that is the important part, the hand written note shows that extra personal touch.

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  • Business-Card-Prestige

    Prestige Business Cards

    420 gsm stock makes these the top of the range of our business cards. Celloglased and colour on both the front and the back of the card if required and given to the courier in 2  – 3 working days. Ask about adding foil, embossing, drilling, cornering, printing on clear -well almost anything.

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  • Executive-Business-Card

    Executive Business Cards

    Executive business cards are the perfect way to show your customers you mean business!

    350gsm stock in gloss or matte, makes these the industry standard in business cards, and we can make them really fast with your print ready artwork.

    Minimum order is 250 cards, and we can make as many of these as you like.

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  • Standard-Business-Card

    Standard Business Cards

    These are our “cheapest cards” that we make, and we can make these cards really fast. Although these are our Standard Cards, they are made on 310gsm stock, which many companies call their executive cards.

    Minimum order is 100 cards, and we can make thousands of these business cards seriously fast, just let us know if we need to push the “Panic button!”

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  • Notepads


    A notepad can be one of your most powerful advertising tools. Such power from a small thing is astonishing. Look around any office and everyone has one on their desk being used do a multitude of different things from telephone messages to shopping list.

    Not only will they be on desks but in handbags, briefcases, in the car, beside your bed, almost everywhere. With your notepad as your small marketing powerhouse, your name, your business logo and your contact details can be constantly in their sight. They are great handouts at conferences, networking events and meetings or just as a little gift to people you meet casually. Everyone uses them, and always loves them as a gift that they will use. Notepads very rarely end up in the bin next to your competitors flyers!!

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  • Booklets


    Booklets are an excellent way to professionally present company information.

    They can be produced in a number of sizes, page configurations and finishes.

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