• Outdoor-Banner

    Outdoor Banners

    These can be almost any size, and are printed on 440gsm outdoor banner material. These can be finished in various ways, sewn with eyelets, kedar (sewn rope) edging, and can be laminated if the sign is going to stand out in the elements.

    We can also make signs on aluminium composite. These are great to attach to a wall or a fence, and can be laminated easily for extra protection. These can be small or very large, give us a call to discuss.

  • Indoor-Banners

    Indoor Banners

    These signs do not have to be as robust as outside banners, and can be applied to many different types of substrates. We can make these out of coreflute, which is great for outdoors, or foamboard or Titanboard. These two substrates are our favourites, as they are very light, and can be mounted on almost anything really easily. They also have a smooth finish, which will give your posters or signs that extra classy look.

  • Pull-Up-Banners

    Pull Up Banners

    Great for your show or to show off. There are different types of pull up banners, standard, executive, double sided, wide, super wide, executive bases, silver or black bases. We have been using the same material for 6 years, as we have had excellent results with the material that we use, which hardly curls over time. Remember to treat your banner with care, and you will get many years of excellent useage out of your pull up banner