Artwork for Booklets


Artwork for Booklets (Stapled/Saddle stitched)

Booklets come in various shapes and sizes and with different configurations


Remember that we can only make booklets in multiples of 4 pages, so 4,8,12,16 etc. If you have designed your booklet with a different number of pages, you will need to add or subtract pages to get to the multiple of 4.

In your enquiry, we will need to know the following:

Finished Size – A4, A5, A6 and even A7!

Orientation – Portrait or landscape

Stock of the inside pages

Stock of the cover – if this is going to be different to the inside pages

Whether you need the covers laminated or not

Total number of pages, including the covers.

The Artwork

For your booklets, please send us the artwork as follows:

Each page must be a separate pdf, so no spreads please.

Once you have all the pdf’s, please combine them into one file (if you can,) and send them to us. If the file is over 8Mb, please use, which is a great free program and works a treat. Please don’t send us dropbox links, or google drive if you can possible help it. If the file is under 8Mb in size, just attach it to the email.

Artwork must be CMYK, or you may get discrepancies in the colours, so please avoid spot and RGB colours.

Outline text if you can.

3mm internal bleed on the outside edges

At least 5mm internal bleed on the edge that will be stapled.

5mm external bleed on the outside edges.

Only crop marks on the file, no printers, registration or other marks please.

To find out more about booklets, go HERE.

Remember to discuss how to set up your artwork before you start with your project with us as the artwork gets a bit tricky for thicker projects, and chat to us about the covers for the booklets as well.

We can get your saddle stitched (Stapled) booklets made really fast for you in an emergency, give us a call on (07) 5636 7736, or send us a quote request from our contact page HERE